Halis Duraki

Vulnerability Research Specialist, Reverse Engineer
Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herz. 🇧🇦


As a vivid and passionate security researcher and reverse engineer, I use my macOS day to day, and this page shows core toolkit which helps me be productive and creative in my profession.

Obviously Apple macOS Operating System.

My laptop is a MacBook Pro (Retina, 14-Inch, Late ‘21) with Apple M1 CPU and 16GB of RAM.

Desktop Screenshot


My setup contains dualscreen (2x) Lenovo-p27h External 2K Displays that I usually replace with my 12.9’ iPad Pro (5th Gen) when I’m on the move.

For keyboard I use White Glorious GMMK 60%, and my preferred mouse of choice is Logitech MX Masters 3.

My daily laptop is a MacBook Pro (Retina, 14’ inch), late ‘21 model with Apple M1 CPU, 16GB of RAM and 1TB of solid storage.

When I’m on the move, I prefer using my 12.9 iPad Pro (5th Gen) with Magic Keyboard Folio, in combination with my iPhone 11 Max Pro (1TB) and my Apple Watch Ultra which I absolutely love to bring on my holiday trips and hikings.


I’m not a fan of default macOS Terminal app therefore I switch to iTerm on each macOS instance. I’m using my custom color scheme, as well as custom zsh prompt, with my very own startup ascii graphics.

iTerm Screenshot

This is literally the best tool ever. It allows you to create terminal sessions, windows, panes all within single tty. I can easily switch between each and also detach from sessions which may contain long running tasks.

Usually I prefer NeoVim but lately I’ve been using Nova from Panic as my main IDE and development editor of choice. It is quite robust and works natively on MacOS, plus you get handy of extensions that you may use for different type of projects and specificiations. Unlike other similar alternative, Nova is not too expensive (100$ USD) and it works out of the box for most projects.


Using NeoVim as my secondary editor, integrated with iTerm and my tmux environment. I have custom color scheme that looks beautiful and matches my iTerm theme. I’m sucker for LunarVim, which I used extensively to configure my NeoVim instance. I rarely use NeoVim nowadays, except to quickly edit some files.

NeoVim w/ custom LunarVim - Startup

I’m using Safari to browse interenet websites, research new topics, develop my frontend activities and do other web related work.

Airmail Business

Possibly the best eMail client available natively for MacOS, iPadOS and iOS. I highly recommend Airmail for Business if your daily acitivities include managing multiple eMail addresses, sending invoices, replying on business offers and so on.

Images & Video

The only UI editing software that I trust, and have been using for years. Highly recommended for all UI/UX designers.

I rarely design anything in 3D, but when I do, I’m opting out for Shapr3D which is also available on iPad. It allows me to quickly three-dimensionaly design any kind of projection I’ve imagined. It’s a bit pricey and subscription based, but it’s well worth the price.

VN Video Editor

I use VN Video Editor as a my main video editor which I mostly use when editing demo videos for my Instagram account.



The default macOS Notes app. is really good to take quick notes in a workspace-oriented collections. Here I paste my todos, URLs, random notes and ideas, and so on.


It’s not strange to catch me using SnippetsLab which usually contains temporary trash notes that I might need for future reference, depending what my workflow is. I rarely use it to actually store long-term snippets for the development stuff.

I use Rayon to manage and organise my Virtual Private Servers, Nodes, Controllers, and other network devices through multiple datacenters and providers. It’s quite simple to configure and use, and you can sync your settings to iCloud.

Rayon App. Preview (Blurred)


Deserved place in this list - once you try Tiles, you will never stop using it. Tiles allows you to reorganize windows by dragging them to the edges of the screen, similar to what WindowsNT does natively.

Cute and small calendar living in your macOS menubar, good for glancing over your meetings and events.


I’ve just started using this utility but I absolutely love the way it works. It allows you to sync all of your macOS applications to your iCloud, and use the synced configuration on all your other Macs.


Keeps your MacOS awake, even if lid is closed. Quite configurable and also free.

Tries to bring WindowsOS Ctrl+X shortcut on your macOS.

Some more ✨

Maccy (Clipboard Manager), Spaceman (Desktop Switcher), Manila (Folder Coloring), OneThing, Pure Paste, Vanilla, Accents, Mounty, Later , WebTorrent , MeetingBar , and others …


HackerNews is a social news website that showcases user-submitted technology-related news and discussions. I use it daily to discover new tech-related releases and latest information.

Lobste.rs is a technology-focused link aggregator that curates and shares user-submitted stories and discussions about programming, technology, and related topics. Quite similar to previous, but requires user-invitation to be able to submit and comment. Mostly focused on FreeBSD and other *BSD distributions.