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About these notes

Hi! 👋 I’m Halis Duraki and these are my personal notes. I’m a passionate hacker, mostly interested in reverse engineering, 0day exploitation and web applications. Notes presented here will relate to topics I’m most expertus about.

I started using Obsidian a bit early in 2020. and continued graphing my knowledge since then. I wanted something more functional, as to offer me a practical snippet library for my TTP’s, both online and as a backup of my dementia.

The notes are inspired by others1, and I’m very thankful for all the ideas. To simply put, I use this to note-take, graph, and quickly extract valuable data.

I sincerely hope these notes will help you build yourself, extend your views, and expand your possibilities. In any case, these notes were written for myself and by myself, so they might not reflect the wide public opinion, nor was that the case when I started collecting them.

You can start exploring from the List of Topics, or see the full list of notes. Besides, my ✨ works for me page is open for public.

List of Topics ~

Automotive Cyber Security

Classical Penetration Testing

Reverse Engineering§Toolset



My .dotfiles are available on my GitHub. At the time of writing, this repository is private due to confidential information. Please refer to ✨ works for me page to get details about my running environment.

In particular, I use:

  • ssh, git, iterm, zsh, tmux
  • macos, neovim+nvchad, karabiner, 60%mkb,
  • lldb+voltron, amass, binwalk, nmap, burp


Mockup for my minimal blog and notes publishing app called art (visible in blog setup).

  • todo: vim.init, tmux, iterm, osx
  • todo: gmmk + key remap
  • todo: photos/ physical
  • Bash

btw, I use GMMK 60% keyboard, here are the default shortcuts.


How it works

It uses parameters (such is [params.styles]) via config.toml. It’s possible to deploy dark version as well. Read for more in *.css. The theme used in ~notes is rewritten from my blog.


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This website is provided free, for educational purposes. Knowledge shared here can be used for personal gain and experience. I do not condemn using TTPs explained here in your blackhat activities. The site is largely inspired by Andy’s notes. Thanks to Justin and Jethro for their theme support and contribution. I would like to thank to the One, All-seeing, All-hearing. Many greetings to all my friends and family who supported me till the very end.

Peace out ✌️

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